Roger Pujol champion category GP3

Last Saturday, September 23 took place in L’Ampolla (Baix Ebre) the last of the seven regattas that comprise the Catalonia Championship for water scooters 2017. The regatta has had the organization of the Catalan Federation of Motonautics and the support of the Tourist Board of L’Ampolla, the Red Cross of the Bottle, the Ampolla Boat Club and the Masachs Caves.

With this race there have been thirteen consecutive years of regattas in l’Ampolla and a season of success has been closed in which, for the second consecutive year, a total of seven scores have been disputed. This goes beyond any other autonomous or state championship and is at a comparable level with the championships of Spain in the early 1990s, when it also had six or seven races per season. Currently, the Spanish Championship has three regattas.

The 2017 championship has traveled throughout the Catalan coast, with races in Empuriabrava, L’Estartit, the Olympic Channel of Castelldefels, Cambrils, Deltebre, Amposta and L’Ampolla. In addition, the Catalan championship has had the participation of pilots of Valencia, Andalusia and Madrid, as well as two French pilots in some of the races, but without scoring.

The regatta of L’Ampolla was developed on a prognosis. Although the day was raised, the forecast of good weather, sun and sea was calm, which allowed the forecasts to be met in terms of results.

In the GP3 category the title was decided in favor of the Girona Roger Pujol so he was limited to a conservative race, which allowed him to finish third, just behind Jordi Tomás and junior Joan Sevil, who starred in spectacular horsepower from the middle of the group to the race head. Pujol is the new Champion of Catalonia but the new runner-up is Denis Munnikhuis, who managed to overtake Alex Muñoz and add a point more than he – just one – to the general classification.

The title in the F4 category, reserved for unlucky pilots, was to be decided, but there were no surprises either. Jordi Pratginestós won the race after passing the first goal line in the first two hoses and doing second to third. Another driver who had the option to the final podium was Jordi González, who made the forecasts good and was second, winning even the third hose, while the third in contention, Genis Vilalta, was relegated to ninth position because of a bout that damaged his motorcycle, but without personal consequences for any of the participants. Also in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the score, although despite not scoring the Bottle, Vilalta kept the second position in the general classification of the championship, with two points ahead of Gonzalez.


General Classification

Category F4

  1. Jordi Pratginestós, Club Motonàutic Castelldefels. 376 points.
  2. Genis Vilalta, Club Motonàutic Amposta. 330 points.
  3. Jordi González, Club Motonàutic Amposta. 328 points.


Category GP3

  1. Roger Pujol, FCM. 366 points.
  2. Denis Munnikhuis, GEN Roses. 296 points.
  3. Alex Muñoz, Club Motonàutic Amposta. 295 points.

Drama at French GP for Van De Ven

Nancy van de Ven of the No Fear Yamaha team lost the world title in dramatic fashion at the final GP of the series in France. She finished second in the first race, giving her a slender championship lead going into the final, where the title slipped out of her hands in dramatic fashion.

The final round of the Women’s motocross world championship was held at Villars sous Ecot in France. The circuit was immaculately prepared, but half an hour before the first race on Saturday, a deluge turned it into a quagmire.

Nancy had qualified third and took the early lead in race one with title rivals Courtney Duncan and Kiara Fontanesi in tow. Fontanesi moved into the lead, and Nancy had some trouble when she slid out. She recovered and was ready to reclaim second when Duncan also made a mistake. This gave her the championship lead.

The rain did not let off throughout the night, and the track was nearly impassable. The organisers cut out part of the track. Nancy settled into third after one lap, being careful to avoid stranded riders. Nancy held her third place for a long time, which made her the virtual world champion. Alas, with two laps to go, she swerved to avoid another rider, and that caused her to slide down the hill. It took her a long time to get going again, which cost her two places and the world title.

Nancy suffered a lot of setbacks during the season, but fought back every time purely on character. Alas, the drama of the last few laps dropped her to fourth in the world championship series, where she deserved so much more.


Overall WMX France:

1. Kiara Fontanesi 45 pnt

2. Livia Lancelot 42 pnt

3. Courtney Duncan 40 pnt

4. Nancy van de Ven 38 pnt

5. Larissa Papenmeier 36 pnt

Nancy van de Ven wins at her home round

(ASSEN) The Netherlands, 10 September 2017 – In an epic day of racing at the MXGP of the Netherlands the Women’s Motocross World Championship chase tightened up to a new level of competitiveness with the top 4 in the standings only separated by 5 points. Dutch native Nancy van de Ven took double race wins on her way to taking the narrow championship points lead in Assen.

In Saturday’s WMX Race 1 Larissa Papenmeier led the opening 5 laps first over Team One One Four’s Livia Lancelot and then Nancy van den Ven after the dutch rider made it by Lancelot on lap 3. After the pass on the #114 van de Ven went after Papenmeier and took the lead.

Meanwhile the title contenders of MXFONTA SYNECO’S Kiara Fontanesi and Altherm JCR Yamaha’s Courtney Duncan where coming back from 11th and 9th place starts. The pair was able to make it up to a 4th place finish for Duncan and a 5th for Fontanesi behind van de Ven, Papenmeier, and Lancelot.

Race 2 was full of passes and battle with the only exception being the #85 of van de Ven who led from the start and never looked back on her way to the race win and overall. The real shake up was between Fontanesi, Papenmeier, Lancelot, and Duncan who started 2nd,3rd,4th, and 6th with KTM Silver Action’s Amandine Verstappen in the 5th position early.

Papenmeier struggled early and though she started in 3rd dropped to 6th only 3 laps in to the race. At the same time Duncan was moving forward quickly first to 4th on lap 3 and to 3rd on lap 7. However Livia Lancelot made a late charge going from fourth on lap 9 of 12 to cross the line in second ahead of Fontanesi, Duncan, and Papenmeier.

In the overall it was a clear home win for Nancy van de Ven with Lancelot taking second and Papenmeier rounding out the podium. In the championship van de Ven takes the red plate into the final round next weekend by only 2 points over Courtney Duncan in 2nd and 5 points over Fontanesi in 4th.

WMX Race 1 Top Ten: 1. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, Yamaha), 24:56.744; 2. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, Suzuki), +0:46.737; 3. Livia Lancelot (FRA, Kawasaki), +1:07.137; 4. Courtney Duncan (NZL, Yamaha), +1:42.948; 5. Kiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), +2:08.665; 6. Amandine Verstappen (BEL, KTM), +2:21.160; 7. Anne Borchers (GER, Suzuki), +2:36.102; 8. Britt Van Der Werff (NED, Suzuki), -1 lap(s); 9. Stephanie Laier (GER, KTM), -1 lap(s); 10. Eline Burgmans (NED, KTM), -1 lap(s).

WMX Race 2 Top Ten: 1. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, Yamaha), 25:06.075; 2. Livia Lancelot (FRA, Kawasaki), +0:07.800; 3. Kiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), +0:09.390; 4. Courtney Duncan (NZL, Yamaha), +0:30.102; 5. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, Suzuki), +1:01.888; 6. Amandine Verstappen (BEL, KTM), +1:20.122; 7. Emelie Dahl (SWE, Yamaha), +1:23.442; 8. Britt Van Der Werff (NED, Suzuki), +1:40.143; 9. Sara Andersen (DEN, Yamaha), -1 lap(s); 10. Madison Brown (AUS, Yamaha), -1 lap(s).

WMX Overall Top Ten: 1. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, YAM), 50 points; 2. Livia Lancelot (FRA, KAW), 42 p.; 3. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, SUZ), 38 p.; 4. Kiara Fontanesi (ITA, YAM), 36 p.; 5. Courtney Duncan (NZL, YAM), 36 p.; 6. Amandine Verstappen (BEL, KTM), 30 p.; 7. Britt Van Der Werff (NED, SUZ), 26 p.; 8. Anne Borchers (GER, SUZ), 22 p.; 9. Stephanie Laier (GER, KTM), 21 p.; 10. Madison Brown (AUS, YAM), 18 p.

WMX Championship Top Ten: 1. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, YAM), 193 points; 2. Courtney Duncan (NZL, YAM), 191 p.; 3. Livia Lancelot (FRA, KAW), 190 p.; 4. Kiara Fontanesi (ITA, YAM), 188 p.; 5. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, SUZ), 160 p.; 6. Amandine Verstappen (BEL, KTM), 151 p.; 7. Nicky van Wordragen (NED, YAM), 119 p.; 8. Shana van der Vlist (NED, KTM), 89 p.; 9. Francesca Nocera (ITA, SUZ), 80 p.; 10. Stephanie Laier (GER, KTM), 72 p.

WMX Manufacturers: 1. Yamaha, 241 points; 2. Kawasaki, 190 p.; 3. Suzuki, 167 p.; 4. KTM, 163 p.; 5. Honda, 46 p.; 6. Husqvarna, 27 p.;

Nancy van de Ven wins Women of Nations Poland

The first women’s race was a riding clinic from team Netherlands and Nancy Van De Ven. Van de Ven rode the perfect race leading every lap on her way to the win while her teammate Nicky Van Wordragen ran second behind her the entire race. Sara Anderson from team Denmark was third the first half of the race but she was passed by the Italian Kiara Fontanesi.

In Race 2 Saleba Mathea from Norway took the Holeshot but after the first turn Kiara Fontanesi took over. On the opening lap Nancy Van de Ven was leading, but Kiara managed to pass before they completed the first official lap.

Sara Anderson was running third with Anne Borchers from Germany not far behind her. Van de Ven’s team mate, Van Wordragen, had good speed, looked comfortable on the bike, and managed to overtake Borchers for the third spot.

Throughout the entire race we were witnessed of the exciting battle between Fontanesi and Van De Ven. Kiara was leading the majority but on the last lap Van De Ven overtook Kiara for the lead and race win!

WMXoEN Race 1 Top 10 Classification: 1. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, Yamaha), 25:59.671; 2. Nicky van Wordragen (NED, Yamaha), +0:29.175; 3. Kiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), +0:56.150; 4. Sara Andersen (DEN, Yamaha), +0:56.975; 5. Anne Borchers (GER, Suzuki), +1:37.473; 6. Maria Franke (GER, KTM), +1:40.698; 7. Emelie Dahl (SWE, Yamaha), +1:41.749; 8. Julie Dalgaard (DEN, Honda), +2:11.987; 9. Francesca Nocera (ITA, Suzuki), -1 lap(s); 10. Frida Ostlund (SWE, Honda), -1 lap(s).

WMXoEN Race 1 Top 10 Classification: 1. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, Yamaha), 25:15.937; 2. Kiara Fontanesi (ITA, Yamaha), +0:01.875; 3. Nicky van Wordragen (NED, Yamaha), +1:22.126; 4. Maria Franke (GER, KTM), +1:24.347; 5. Sara Andersen (DEN, Yamaha), +1:31.341; 6. Emelie Dahl (SWE, Yamaha), +1:42.065; 7. Anne Borchers (GER, Suzuki), -1 lap(s); 8. Mathea Selebo (NOR, Yamaha), -1 lap(s); 9. Julie Dalgaard (DEN, Honda), -1 lap(s); 10. Thea Johansen (NOR, Yamaha), -1 lap(s)

Cianciarulo Closes Out Season With Fourth Straight Moto Podium

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (August 27, 2017) – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo earned his fourth straight moto podium at the season finale at Ironman Raceway. His 2-2 moto scores helped Cianciarulo end the Pro Motocross season on a positive note and gave the team its seventh overall podium of the year. Cianciarulo also finished third overall in the championship standings. Justin Hill made a positive return after sitting out several races due to injury, scoring inside the top 10 in ninth with an 11-9 moto score.

Adam Cianciarulo
The day started how it has started many times this season for Cianciarulo, claiming the top qualifier. Cianciarulo shot out of the gate in Moto 1 and took over the lead before the opening lap was complete. He kept his Pro Circuit-powered KX250F out front for over half the race before settling into second where he would end the moto. In Moto 2, Cianciarulo clocked his 39th lap led this season on the opening lap and moved into second on Lap 3. He held off advances from his competitors, but was able to take home second overall with his solid 2-2 moto finishes.

“Winning would have been nice, but it’s a good feeling to be consistently on the podium the past few races,” said Cianciarulo. “I’m looking forward to continuing to work hard for the team next season and hopefully bring them home a championship.”

Justin Hill
With Hill having sat out the last several rounds due to injury, it was hard to predict how the Oregonian would feel as he ticked off laps at the start of the day. He was in the top 10 during qualifying and came around 12th on the opening lap of Moto1. He had made his way inside the top 10 before ultimately settling for 11th in the first moto. Determined to finish the season with a solid result, Hill put his head down after starting Moto 2 in 15th. He picked off riders and made his way into ninth where he would finish the moto and eventually the overall.

“It was nice to come back and get in the top 10 after spending little time on the bike since my injury,” said Hill. “The conditions were really nice in Indiana, but the track can be brutal. Just glad we stayed healthy and showed some progress.”

250 Class Results (Moto Results)

  1. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna (1-1)
  2. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki (2-2)
  3. Colt Nichols, Yamaha (3-4)
  4. Jeremy Martin, Honda (8-3)
  5. Mitchell Harrison, Yamaha (5-8)
  6. Chase Sexton, Honda (10-6)
  7. RJ Hampshire, Honda (12-5)
  8. Sean Cantrell, KTM (6-12)
  9. Justin Hill, Kawasaki (11-9)
  10. Bradley Taft, Yamaha (7-13)

250 Class Points, After 12 of 12 Rounds

  1. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna, 501
  2. Jeremy Martin, Honda, 420
  3. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 374
  4. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha, 337
  5. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki, 324
  6. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha, 305
  7. Colt Nichols, Yamaha, 303
  8. Alex Martin, KTM, 296
  9. Mitchell Harrison, Yamaha, 279
  10. Shane McElrath, KTM, 248


Savatgy Earns Moto Win On The Way To Podium Finish

NEW BERLIN, N.Y. (August 13, 2017) – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy and Adam Cianciarulo faced two very different track conditions from Moto 1 to Moto 2 as the skies opened up on Unadilla MX shortly after Savatgy claimed the Moto 1 win. The three-time overall winner this season had to come from behind in sloppy conditions in Moto 2 to earn second overall, while Cianciarulo raced to a 5-8 moto score to finish sixth overall.

Joey Savatgy 
Savatgy was riding a two-race win streak into Round 10 and proved he came to win after scoring the top qualifier award. In Moto 1, he tucked in behind his teammate Cianciarulo off the start and followed him around the first lap in second. He stayed with him and after Cianciarulo made a mistake, took over the lead and never looked back. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate to provide the same track conditions in Moto 2 and the riders faced a soupy and sloppy racetrack when the motos resumed for only 20 minutes plus one lap. Savatgy got a decent start, but had to settle for fourth, giving him second overall with a 1-4.

“Even though I won the last race with a 7-1 in Washington, I still feel like I’ve found my groove again up front,” said Savatgy. “It would have been interesting if the weather held up and we were able to race in the dry again, but that’s racing. We only have four motos left, but I’m ready to be at the front in each race.”

Adam Cianciarulo
Cianciarulo started the day as the Moto 1 holeshot winner, leading the field and his teammate for a good portion of the first half of the race. On Lap 7, Cianciarulo lost the front end in a turn and went down, but quickly remounted in third. He would eventually finish fifth in Moto 1. With a sloppy track to manage, Cianciarulo worked his way up from a start outside the top 10 to finish eighth. His 5-8 scores placed him just off the top five in sixth.

“We had a great first moto going until I made a small mistake that cost me,” said Cianciarulo. “It was hard to get going again after that and I was able to keep it in the top five. The second moto was all about survival on the start, which we did, but I was still far enough back to make it hard on myself to work through the pack. It’s going to be fun going into Budds Creek knowing that we had some speed to work with in Moto 1 this weekend.”


250 Class Results (Moto Results)

  1. Jeremy Martin, Honda (2-1)
  2. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki (1-4)
  3. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna (3-5)
  4. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha (6-3)
  5. Justin Cooper Yamaha (12-2)
  6. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki (5-8)
  7. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha (4-10)
  8. RJ Hampshire, Honda (8-6)
  9. Chase Sexton, Honda (7-12)
  10. Kyle Cunningham, Suzuki (13-7)

250 Class Points, After 10 of 12 Rounds

  1. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna, 413
  2. Jeremy Martin, Honda, 350
  3. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki, 324
  4. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha, 299
  5. Alex Martin, KTM, 296
  6. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha, 285
  7. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 283
  8. Colt Nichols, Yamaha, 235
  9. Mitchell Harrison, Yamaha, 229
  10. Shane McElrath, KTM, 210

Ivano van Erp wins 65cc Junior Motocross World Cup

The youngest riders were the little 65cc warriors fighting for the FIM Junior Motocross World Cup.

In race 1 the #47 of Alessandro Gaspari took the FOX Holeshot. Team Netherland’s Ivano Van Erp positioned himself well behind Italian Ferruccio Zanchi. Zanchi who had the fastest qualifying time of his group Saturday lead the first laps before fall left him 29th.

After Zanchi went down Van Erp took over the lead and never looked back winning the race 8 seconds ahead of the newly crowned EMX65 champion Mads Fredsoe Sorensen.

Poland’s Maksymilian Chwalik had a comfortable race of his own for third ahead of team Australia’s Kayden Minear and Finland’s Saku Mansikkanäki.

Race 2 was almost identical up front with Van Erp in the lead ahead of Mads Fredsoe all the way to the finish.

Kayden Minear however moved up a position this time edging out Chwalik. With the two tying in points the final podium spot went to Minear with the better result in race 2 and Mansikkamaki took fifth overall. Van Erp in the press conference said: “This is something very special, my weekend was really good.”

65cc Junior World Cup Race 1 Top Ten: 1. Ivano Van Erp (NED, KTM), 17:54.130; 2. Mads Fredsoe Sorensen (DEN, KTM), +0:08.529; 3. Maksymilian Chwalik (POL, KTM), +0:27.403; 4. Kayden Minear (AUS, KTM), +0:33.410; 5. Saku Mansikkamaki (FIN, Honda), +0:34.503; 6. Alessandro Gaspari (ITA, KTM), +0:38.906; 7. Elisey Oreshkin (RUS, KTM), +0:44.075; 8. Alejandro Perez Martin (ESP, Husqvarna), +0:56.859; 9. Jet Alsop (AUS, Suzuki), +1:00.628; 10. Wal Beaney (GBR, KTM), +1:03.401.

65cc Junior World Cup Race 2 Top Ten: 1. Ivano Van Erp (NED, KTM), 17:59.389; 2. Mads Fredsoe Sorensen (DEN, KTM), +0:07.042; 3. Kayden Minear (AUS, KTM), +0:25.373; 4. Maksymilian Chwalik (POL, KTM), +0:27.866; 5. Saku Mansikkamaki (FIN, Honda), +0:40.550; 6. Jet Alsop (AUS, Suzuki), +0:46.478; 7. Kirils Maslovs (LAT, Husqvarna), +0:50.347; 8. Wal Beaney (GBR, KTM), +0:50.749; 9. Kasimir Hindersson (FIN, KTM), +0:53.133; 10. Ollie Colmer (GBR, Honda), +0:54.010.

65cc Junior World Cup Overall Top Ten: 1. Ivano Van Erp (NED, KTM), 50 points; 2. Mads Fredsoe Sorensen (DEN, KTM), 44 p.; 3. Kayden Minear (AUS, KTM), 38 p.; 4. Maksymilian Chwalik (POL, KTM), 38 p.; 5. Saku Mansikkamaki (FIN, HON), 32 p.; 6. Jet Alsop (AUS, SUZ), 27 p.; 7. Wal Beaney (GBR, KTM), 24 p.; 8. Kirils Maslovs (LAT, HUS), 23 p.; 9. Aleh Makhnou (BLR, KTM), 20 p.; 10. Kasimir Hindersson (FIN, KTM), 19 p.

Savatgy Grabs Second Straight Win at Washougal

WASHOUGAL, Wash. (July 30, 2017) – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy earned back-to-back wins at Washougal MX Park after bouncing back from a tough Moto 1 to take the win in Moto 2 and secure his third overall of the season. Teammate Adam Cianciarulo was in contention for a podium finish as well, ended up just off it in fourth overall with a 2-5 moto score. Pacific Northwest native Justin Hill was hoping to race in front of his hometown crowd but an injury earlier in the week kept him from competing at Washougal.

Joey Savatgy 
Both Savatgy and Cianciarulo had the weight of the team on their shoulders with two of their teammates injured. Savatgy started Moto 1 inside the top 10, but had a quick get off around the halfway mark. He remounted in 10th and was able to make his way back to seventh when the checkered flag flew. In Moto 2, Savatgy got a better start and contested for the lead early. He was passed at one point but ran down the leader to regain the lead and never looked back. The uncommon 7-1 moto scores ended up granting Savatgy the first place trophy for the second week in a row.

“It’s definitely not common to see someone with a seventh place take an overall victory,” said Savatgy. “I thought I had a podium – maybe – but was pleasantly surprised to be awarded the overall. This track is always tricky. After getting seventh, I wanted to improve on that in Moto 2 and I was able to get the lead back after getting passed. I just stayed with it and it paid off.”

Adam Cianciarulo
Cianciarulo rode two hard motos and tied his best finish of the season with fourth overall at Washougal. The start for Moto 1 put him in the top five and was quick to work his way up to second, where he finished the moto. Cianciarulo got another good start in Moto 2 just behind his teammate. He rode strong, eventually finishing fifth in the moto, which forced him to narrowly miss the overall podium.

“It’s nice to get on the moto podium again, but in the end it wasn’t enough for an overall podium,” said Cianciarulo. “With the way the racing has been going, I know that we can get there. I’m happy for Joey to bring the team the overall.”


250 Class Results (Moto Results)

  1. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki (7-1)
  2. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna (4-3)
  3. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha (3-4)
  4. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki (2-5)
  5. RJ Hampshire, Honda (6-2)
  6. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha (1-9)
  7. Jeremy Martin, Honda (9-6)
  8. Colt Nichols, Yamaha (10-7)
  9. Shane McElrath, KTM (11-8)
  10. Mitchell Harrison, Yamaha (5-15)

250 Class Points, After 9 of 12 Rounds

  1. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna, 377
  2. Jeremy Martin, Honda, 303
  3. Alex Martin, KTM, 296
  4. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki, 281
  5. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha, 264
  6. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha, 256
  7. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 254
  8. Colt Nichols, Yamaha, 213
  9. Mitchell Harrison, Yamaha, 212
  10. Shane McElrath, KTM, 192

Savatgy Gets Second Win of the Season at Spring Creek

MILLVILLE, Minn. (July 23, 2017) – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Joey Savatgy claimed his second overall victory of the season after going 1-2 at Spring Creek Motocross Park during a very hot and humid Round 8. Savatgy’s teammate Adam Cianciarulo also put his Kawasaki KX250F in good position both races, finishing fifth overall with a 6-6 moto score. Justin Hill had qualified 11th in the morning, but hurt his wrist during the session and forced him to sit out the motos. Austin Forkner had withdrawn from the race before the weekend after suffering a concussion earlier in the week.

Joey Savatgy 
With two of his teammates out with injury, Savatgy knew he had to step up and come through with a good result for the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki team. He didn’t waste any time as he took over the lead on the opening lap of Moto 1 and kept the No. 17 out front for the entire 30 minutes plus two laps. Savatgy grabbed another great start in Moto 2 and led the first half of the race.  As the track continued to deteriorate, Savatgy played it smart and rode to a solid second place finish. His 1-2 moto scores would easily hand Savatgy his second victory of the season.

Adam Cianciarulo
“This season has been tough because there are a lot of guys that can really push the speed at the start of the race so if you don’t get out front early, it’s hard to catch back up,” said Savatgy. “I was fortunate to get two great starts, which helped out big time in the end. I would love to keep this up and make something happen again next weekend.”
Cianciarulo earned top honors during qualifying once again and was able to stay out of trouble and run with the front group early. He started sixth and while he moved back and forth a few times, settled for that spot when the checkered flag flew. In Moto 2, he got an even better start in third and hung on for a while before eventually finishing sixth. His 6-6 score actually placed him fifth, giving Cianciarulo his fourth top-five finish of the season.

“This weekend was definitely better than Southwick and RedBud, but I didn’t take enough advantage of my good starts,” said Cianciarulo. “But considering how tough my past two races had been, I’ll take it and try to build on it for next weekend at Washougal.”


250 Class Results (Moto Results)

  1. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki (1-2)
  2. Alex Martin, KTM (2-4)
  3. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna (8-1)
  4. Jeremy Martin, Honda (4-5)
  5. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki (6-6)
  6. RJ Hampshire, Honda (5-7)
  7. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha (3-12)
  8. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha (7-8)
  9. Shane McElrath, KTM (16-3)
  10. Colt Nichols, Yamaha (9-13)

250 Class Points, After 7 of 12 Rounds

  1. Zach Osborne, Husqvarna, 339
  2. Alex Martin, KTM, 296
  3. Jeremy Martin, Honda, 276
  4. Joey Savatgy, Kawasaki, 242
  5. Dylan Ferrandis, Yamaha, 226
  6. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha, 219
  7. Adam Cianciarulo, Kawasaki, 216
  8. Mitchell Harrison, Yamaha, 190
  9. Colt Nichols, Yamaha, 188
  10. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki, 184

      15. Justin Hill, Kawasaki, 88