Japanese genuine pistons

Genuine Japanese Quality Pistons

Genuine Japanese Quality

Although ProX Racing Parts has added new product lines the last couple of years, we are known for our Japanese genuine quality pistons and connecting rods. ProX offers a wide range of piston and connecting rods kits for 2 stroke and 4 stroke applications. All are mainly made in Japan by OEM factories to guarantee the same quality as OEM brands like Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki.

All 2 stroke pistons are cast pistons. Cast pistons are able to contain higher silicon content compared to forged pistons. The casting proces allow this higher silicon content. Next to this 2 stroke engines have lower cylinder pressures compared to 4 stroke engines. Cast pistons are ideal for 2 stroke engines. ProX Racing Parts genuine pistons are gravity cast from an aluminum alloy with approximately 18% silicon content.

Cast genuine 4 stroke pistons are used in relatively low performing engines like the Honda XR400R or Yamaha XT600, but many motocross and ATV applications use forged 4 stroke pistons as the cylinder pressure has risen. Forged genuine pistons are stronger, the alloy is pushed under extreme pressure to a form. The material structure is more dense and can cope with higher pressures. ProX Racing Parts offers both 4 stroke pistons, cast and forged! All made at reputable factories to be sure you get the best!

Pistons are made from aluminum alloys as they are light. The content and mix of the alloy is determined by the application and engine system. A 2 stroke piston is made from different material than a 4 stroke piston as the forces and heat distribution in the engine differs.

Skirt Coating:

Most of the ProX pistons come with a coating. Coatings on the piston skirts improves the wear in process when you just started the engine. A new piston needs to get the chance to adjust to the cylinder like the piston rings. We have developed a new skirt coating that not only assists the wear in process, but also helps reducing friction after the wear in. The black coating is made from a delicate mix of materials and will increase the performance.

Look up more detailed technical stuff on our piston details pages.

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