The ProX Racing Parts complete BETA program!

ProX Racing Parts has a growing wide range of product lines for several bikes. All parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards at “state of the art” manufacturing facilities around the world. These manufacturing factories include reputable businesses that manufacture OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts for leading motorcycle brands worldwide.

We have invested in Beta aftermarket parts for ProX Racing Parts as this brand is geting more and more popular in Europe and the rest of the world.

Let’s take a look at the BETA program. For the 125, 250 and 300 series ProX Racing Parts has an amazing range of replacement parts.

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Check out our ProX Blogs

Check out our ProX Blogs!

Did you know ProX Racing Parts writes and posts many blogs about technical information of their products and behind the scenes sponsoring stories? You can learn all about our products, about Powersports technical stories, the teams we support, etc.

Go to our special blog page and explore the world behind ProX Racing Parts and their products.

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ProX Connecting Rods

Video: ProX Connecting Rods

One of our core product line, where we became famous with. Our ProX Connecting Rod Kits are made out of the toughest alloys available today and are made in Japan! O.E.M specifications and tolerances are meticulously maintained, a guarantee for easy installation and trouble free performance.

Find our connecting rod dimension overview here.

ProX Rod Kit Features

  • Manufactured by leading Japanese OEM factories.
  • Designed to exact OEM specifications to be a direct and cost efficient OEM replacement.
  • Complete line for Dirtbike, ATV, PWC and 50cc/scooter available from stock.

Double forged on dedicated forgings

This process maintains superior strength, durability and dimensional consistency through improved grain flow.

Shot peening & barrelling

The design of a connecting rod is very important to guarantee the lifespan and the performance. Our connecting rods are barrelled and shot peened to improve the surface texture. Shot peening eliminates residual stress and smoothly blends the forging surfaces.

Oiling system

Our ProX oiling slots are precisely located to maximize lower rod oiling and extend bearing life. Even under the most extreme conditions the rod will do its job.

ProX Connecting Rod Kits come complete with Crankpin, Big-End Bearing, Small End Bearing and Washers.

A Tour Through ProX

Take The ProX Tour!

ProX Racing Parts head quarters are located near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Founded in 1975, ProX Racing Parts is now distributed in a significant number of countries worldwide. Domestic as well as international dealers and distributors are being served from our facility in the Netherlands.

ProX Racing Parts is mainly specialized in high quality internal engine components such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts and valves. However, ProX Racing Parts is continuously expanding its range and therefore investing in other technical components regarding the various powersports applications that one can find also outside an engine. Including the latest additions ProX Racing Parts stocks well over 8.000 part numbers divided over more than 60 different product groups. All parts are manufactured to highest quality standards at “state of the art” manufacturing facilities around the world. These manufacturing factories include reputable businesses that manufacture OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts for leading motorcycle brands world wide. With the experience and long established relationships ProX Racing Parts is therefore always able to select the best manufacturer to meet or exceed high level requirements regarding technical specifications and market.

ProX Racing Parts products are available through specific and dedicated sales networks around the world. With distributors and dealers in more than 70 countries around the world, there is always a company nearby that will do their utmost to serve you well. Please find your nearest distributor by clicking here. However, ProX Racing Parts continues to search for additional distributors in specific countries and this might well be a good opportunity for your business. We would also welcome first equipment inquiries from OEM companies as through the years we have proven to be a strong and reliable partner in parts supply and development for several well known brands.

ProX Brake Pads

ProX Brake Pads: New material, new packaging, same pricing!

From January 2017 we have an improved version of our ProX Brake Pads. The higher quality brake pad has been improved due to technical changes.

What has been improved:

  • The adjusted compound of the sintered material improves the stopping power and the feel
  • The backing plate has a better fit in the caliper, which improves the performance
  • The brake pads are matched to our ProX Brake Discs to give the best performance: The Perfect Match!
  • The pricing and discount of the ProX Brake Pads will remain the same!

The packaging of the brake pads is upgraded as well. A nice carton back plate on which the pads are sealed.

For best performance we recommend using the ProX Racing Parts Brake Discs. All perfectly matched!

We now offer a Point of Purchase Brake Pad Box

Next to our single brake pad part number, we now offer a nice box which contains 10x the single brake pad number. The box is designed to be used as Point of Sale material as well. It is possible to refold the box after opening to an attractive promotion item for on the counter or anywhere else in the shop.

ProX Clutch Master & Slave Rebuild Kits

Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder Rebuild Kits

ProX offers a complete line of Clutch Master Cylinder Rebuild Kits and Clutch Slave Cylinder Kits. These kits are assembled with high quality components all designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM parts. Each kit contains all the necessary components to rebuild your clutch cylinder.

ProX Clutch Cylinder Rebuild Kits features:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM partsWide range of applications
  • Kit contains all necessary components to rebuild your clutch cylinder

ProX Clutch Masters and Slave Cylinder kits are available for a wide range of Dirt Bikes.

Find more information on our dedicated product page.

New: Prox Brake Discs For Dirt Bikes

ProX Racing Parts offers a wide program of high quality dirt bike brake discs, manufactured from specially hardened premium quality Stainless Steel. The ProX brake disc line is the ideal budget OEM-replacement brake disc. The specific lightweight wave designed brake discs comes with integrated venting slots to offer optimal cooling and cleaning of the brake pad contact surface.

These features result in high performance and linear braking with very low brake pad wear. For best performance we recommend using ProX Racing Parts brake pads with a matching pad compound. The ProX Racing Parts MX/Dirt Bike brake disc line is attractively priced and offers you the best value for money! Brake Disc Features:

  • Hardened premium quality stainless steel
  • Ideal budget OEM-replacement
  • Integrated venting slots
  • Lightweight wave design

Click here to see our official product leaflet (PDF)

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ProX Racing Parts is proud to show you our collection of Apparel and Merchandise. We offer a nice clothing line as well as cool and handy gadgets! Please visit our dedicated ProX apparel page and order your item by clicking on the picture!

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