New: ProX neoprene front fork seal protectors

The ProX Racing Parts neoprene fork seal protector is a great and simple product to prevent blown fork seals from dirt getting stuck in the seal lips. Simply sliding down the neoprene sleeve to your fork leg, covering the seals and you’re good to go. The sleeve will be kept in place with zip ties provided.

The stretchy and durable neoprene material protects the fork tube and fork seal from sand, rocks and other dirt while it does not deteriorate from fork oil.

ProX Racing Parts fork seal Protectors are sold in pairs and do fit various diameter of fork legs from 44 mm. up to 50 mm. Also each set is available in 2 lengths, a 360 mm length will cover the entire fork tube and a 130 mm length will cover the fork seal and short part of the fork tube. The full length 360 mm. can be used for bikes using open type fork leg guards and the shorter 130 mm. type can be used for most bikes using closed type fork leg guards.

ProX Racing Parts neoprene fork seal protector features:

  • Ultimate protection against sand, rocks or dirt
  • Available in different length for optimal fit
  • Simple and easy fit
  • Sold in pairs including zip ties

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