Justin Hill stretches points lead with fourth consecutive win

Arlington, Texas (February 11, 2017) – Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Justin Hill raced to his fourth-straight victory of the season with the win at AT&T Stadium. The win helped propel him a comfortable 21 points ahead of second place in the championship standings. Teammate Austin Forkner bounced back from his tough previous round to score his second career podium as the runner-up finisher.

Justin Hill 
Hill had a perfect day in the Lone Star State, starting with the top qualifier and onto a great heat race battle where he took another win. With a projected long main event, Hill tucked into second on the start and stayed close to the leader. After 15 laps, the leader pulled off with an issue and Hill was able to take over the lead and hold on for five more laps, coming across the finish with his fourth consecutive win.

“I felt great all day,” said Hill. “Fastest qualifier, heat win and topped it off with a main event victory. It’s not exactly how I wanted it but we’ll take it anyway we can. Heading into the break on a win streak feels great.”

Austin Forkner
Forkner gained momentum all day, which turned to an exciting heat race where he led six laps before Hill overtook him. In the main event, he shot out to an awesome start and tucked in behind his teammate in third. He remained close the entire race, only finishing two seconds behind Hill.

“Today went well,” said Forkner. “I felt comfortable all day. I felt like I made huge strides today with my speed and was able to pace the leaders. After last week, it feels great to be able to put it back up on the box.”


250SX Class Main Event Results

  1. Justin Hill (Kawasaki)
  2. Austin Forkner (Kawasaki)
  3. Aaron Plessinger (Yamaha)
  4. Jimmy Decotis (Honda)
  5. Dan Reardon (Yamaha)
  6. Jeremy Martin (Honda)
  7. Martin Davalos (Husqvarna)
  8. Cole Martinez (Yamaha)
  9. Hayen Mellross (Yamaha)
  10. Kyle Chisholm (Honda)


Pro Circuit Racing Team Celebrates 250 Wins

Corona, Calif. (January 31, 2017) – Winning a professional Supercross or Motocross event is an incredible accomplishment, and many racers have captured the illustrious “W” under the Pro Circuit team colors. The first win came on January 12, 1991 with Brian Swink, a young Michigan Native racer at the citrus bowl in Orlando, Florida. Soon, Pro Circuit would see more success with riders Jeremy McGrath, Ryan Hughes, Mickael Pichon, Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Villopoto and many more. After competing as a professional race team for 26 years, racking up wins and championships, our team was able to add another notch on the belt on January 28, 2017 when Justin Hill earned the team’s 250th event win.

The historic win came during round four of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Championship where Justin Hill rode to victory at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Teammates Joey Savatgy and Austin Forkner contributed to this milestone with a combined eight event wins during the 2016 season in both the Monster Energy Supercross Championship and the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

The team’s success can be accredited to more than riders alone. Pro Circuit founder and team owner Mitch Payton assembled highly skilled engine and suspension technicians throughout the years that have assisted with the team’s achievements. The team has been privileged to work with many of the best brands and companies in the industry to help keep our bikes running and looking great. The very same superior equipment that has snagged 250 checkered flags is the same equipment we offer to our customers, including; exhaust, engine and suspension services, engine parts and bike accessories. We race what we sell, and if 250 event wins is any indication of the quality and performance of our products we offer, it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing.

Pro Circuit would like to sincerely thank all current and past racers, staff, sponsors and friends for their commitment and support in helping us reach this amazing feat! Undoubtedly, when the next victory emerges, it will be a victory for all involved.

Double Podium in Phoenix

Corona, Calif. (January 29, 2017) – Prepared for another exciting round of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Championship, Justin Hill and Austin Forkner arrived in Arizona fit for battle. Motivated by last weekend’s positive results, the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team has been busy on and off the track dialing in their rides and prepping for battle. Their hard work paid off and both riders landed on the podium. Justin Hill’s victory marked the team’s 250th win and Austin Forkner’s 3rd place finish marked the rookie’s first professional Supercross podium.

Justin Hill 
It was another great weekend for Justin Hill. In the day’s qualifying, he set the fastest lap times and kept the momentum going. In Heat 2, he easily took the number one spot and looked forward to the night’s final race. In the main event he stayed smooth lap after lap. In the final minutes, Justin made his move on the points leader, moving past him and taking the lead. Holding his position, he crossed the checkers in first for back-to-back podiums!
“I pushed hard and around the halfway mark. I knew I was inching up on the leader, I was hitting my marks and riding well. My mechanic was doing really well at getting me my times and keeping me up on where I was at. I dropped the lead down to about four seconds and then the leader tangled with a couple lappers and I reeled up on him and I thought, this is it, I’m going to do it! Even after the race I was talking with my family and still couldn’t believe I did that. I did it, it was so cool!”

Austin Forkner 
Week after week, Austin Forkner continues to impress. The rookie rider was off to a good start in Heat 1. He took the holeshot and battled for the lead, and finished the heat race in second. In the night’s main event, he and his KX250F once again took the holeshot and competed for the number one spot. Throughout the evening, he stayed within the top three and pushed himself to remain there. At the checkered flag, Austin finished in third and experienced his first professional Monster Energy Supercross podium!

“The race was good. I rode a lot better than I have been, more consistent and didn’t make mistakes. I was really confident in my starts, back to back weekends I’ve earned both holeshots in the heat and main. With starts like that I knew I was going to be up there and thought if someone gets by I just need to relax, figure out what they’re doing better than me and use it to be better. I knew I needed to not make mistakes like I did in the heat where I cased the triple trying to pass someone back. I tried to ride smooth and fast, I’m really happy with how I opened the race and I held the lead for a few laps which is definitely the best I’ve done so far.”

250SX Phoenix Main Event

1.Justin Hill, Kawasaki- 25
2. Shane McElrath, KTM- 22
3. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki- 20
4. Aaron Plesssinger, Yamaha- 18
5. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 16
6. Dan Reardon, Yamaha- 15
7. Joshua Hansen, Husqvarna- 14
8. James Decotis, Honda-13
9. Phillip Nicoletti, Suzuki- 12
10. Cole Martinez, Yamaha- 11

250SX West Overall Championship Point Standings

1. Shane McElrath, KTM-92
2. Justin Hill, Kawasaki- 88 
3. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 82
4. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 70
5. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki- 67
6. James Decotis, Honda- 55
7. Dan Reardon, Yamaha-47
8, Jeremy Martin, Honda- 40
9. Phillip Nicoletti, Suzuki- 38
10. Joshua Hansen, Husqvarna- 37

Round 5:
February 4
Oakland Alameda County Coliseum
Oakland, CA


Justin Hill Wins at A2

Corona, Calif. (January 22, 2017) – Round 3 of the Monster Energy Supercross Championship brought the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team back to Anaheim this past Saturday. Having experienced wet weather for much of the week, the sun came out and welcomed the team back to Angel Stadium. Quickly setting the pace for the day, Justin Hill and Austin Forkner got to work during qualifying and carried the momentum into the night’s heat races and Main Event. At the end of the evening, Justin Hill led the 250 class and found himself on top of the box.

Justin Hill 
Having nearly taken the win last weekend in San Diego, Justin Hill was more than ready to takeover this weekend. He and his KX250F had no problem setting the fastest time during qualifying. After a top three finish in Heat 1, the Main Event was looking better and better for number 46. He charged through the pack in the main and in Turn 1 he snagged the lead. Maintaining his position, he captured his first win of the season!

“The weekend ended great. It’s funny because I started the day feeling off, but when the main comes around and there’s points on the line, it’s go time. I let it all hang out on the track and I was able to do it confidently. When I took over the lead I didn’t expect to get it at that time, it came faster than I thought and I just went with it. I’m excited about the rest of the season and about right now.”

Austin Forkner 
Demonstrating constant improvement, Austin Forkner arrived in Southern California fit for battle. In Heat 2 he grabbed the lead and rode aggressively to maintain his spot. Keeping an impressive pace, the rookie Supercross rider experienced his first heat win! Austin blasted past the compeition in the main and took the holeshot. Staying solid all day, he finished just outside of the top three and remains eager and enthusiastic for a podium finish!

“I was charging pretty hard in the first lap. I was stood up a couple times and then made a mistake in the whoops and went back to fourth. Most of the race all happened in the first couple laps for me. If I was able to get the first few laps clean I would have had a better result. After I started riding smoother, I was able to match the pace of the riders in front of me and I feel really confident moving forward.”

250SX Anaheim 2 Main Event

1. Justin Hill, Kawasaki- 25
2. Aaron Plesssinger, Yamaha- 22
3. Shane McElrath, KTM- 20
4. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki- 18
5. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 16
6. James Decotis, Honda- 15
7. Dan Reardon, Yamaha- 14
8. Tyler Bowers, Yamaha- 13
9. Joshua Hansen, Husqvarna- 12
10. Jeremy Martin, Honda- 11

250SX West Overall Championship Point Standings

1. Shane McElrath, KTM-70
2. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 64
3. Justin Hill, Kawasaki- 63
4. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 54
5. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki- 47
6. James Decotis, Honda- 42
7. Jeremy Martin, Honda- 40
8. Tyler Bowers, Yamaha -33
9. Dan Reardon, Yamaha-32
10. Phillip Nicoletti, Suzuki-26

Next Race:
January 28
University of Phoenix Stadium
Phoenix, AZ

San Diegeo Supercross 2017

Podium for Justin Hill (Pro Circuit)

Corona, Calif. (January 16, 2017) – This past Saturday the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team arrived in San Diego fit for battle. The team entered round two determined to land on the podium and quickly got to work on this goal during the morning’s qualifying sessions. With seemingly effortlessly ease, Justin Hill set the fastest lap times aboard his KX250F. Justin took the win in the second heat race and teammate Austin Forkner took third. The team carried this momentum into the main event where Justin fought his way to a podium finish!

Justin Hill

Fueled by the day’s achievements, Justin Hill entered the main with his sights on the podium. While riding among the leaders throughout the race, he waited until the final laps to really make his move. Making valuable passes, he pushed his way to the front of line, just seconds behind the leader. Justin crossed the checkers in second and found himself on the podium for the first time this season.

“My KX™250F was fastest though qualifying and I won my heat. I didn’t get a great start in the main but pushed for the entire race and earned second. It feels great to be back on the podium and after tonight, I know I can win.”

Austin Forkner
Austin Forkner entered Petco Park ready for anything that may be thrown at him. He displayed great riding in qualifying and during the second heat race. In the heat, he took the holeshot and rode among the top three throughout the race. Austin finished the heat in third and was fired up for the main. In the night’s main event, he fought to maintain his position. Never giving up, Austin Forkner crossed the checkers in fifth and remains motivated for the next round.

“We got a lot faster as the day went on. A few changes to the bike throughout the day lead to being able to loosen up and ride better. In the heat we got the holeshot and raced really hard for third. In the Main Event we had a great start but tangled with another rider and dropped back to eighth. I felt a little tight but made some solid passes and overall rode well. The lap times were competitive and we’re making progress, so we are happy so far.”

250SX San Diego Main Event


1. Shane McElrath, KTM- 25
2. Justin Hill, Kawasaki- 22
3. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 20
4. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 18
  5. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki- 16
6. James Decotis, Honda- 15
7. Jeremy Martin, Honda- 14
8. Phillip Nicoletti, Suzuki- 13
9. Hayden Mellross, Yamaha- 12
10. Joshua Hansen, Husqvarna- 11

250SX West Overall Championship Point Standings

1. Shane McElrath, KTM- 50
2. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 42
3. Justin Hill, Kawasaki- 38
4. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 38
  5. Austin Forkner, Kawasaki- 29
6. Jeremy Martin, Honda- 29
7. James Decotis, Honda- 27
8. Tyler Bowers, Yamaha -20
9. Mitchell Oldenburg, KTM-18
10. Dan Reardon, Yamaha-18


Next Race:
January 21
Angel Stadium
Anaheim, CA
2016 Season Finale Pro Circuit

Season Finale for Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki

Corona, Calif. (August 24, 2016) – The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team heads to the legendary Ironman National this upcoming Saturday. Despite a challenging season, the team will enter Indianapolis with their heads held high and ready to dominate the 250 Class. Joey Savatgy is determined to lead the pack one more time this year. He will battle it out for second place in the point standings and is ready to take on the competition! Although this is his first year racing professionally, Austin Forkner has demonstrated that this is where he has always belonged. The rookie has been climbing through the rankings and now sits just outside the Top 3. Nailing his starts at Budds Creek, Adam Cianciarulo looks to continue the momentum. Staying optimistic, he looks forward to finishing out the season strong. Also experiencing better starts last weekend was Arnaud Tonus. He remains eager to take the lead early on and guide the pack across the checkers. After being out for a few months due an injury, Chris Alldredge remains enthusiastic after his return to racing. He is motivated and prepared to perform even better at the final round of the season. Be sure to catch the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team in the exciting conclusion of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship this Saturday!

250MX Overall Championship Point Standings
1. Cooper Webb, Yamaha- 457
2. Alex Martin, Yamaha- 384
  3. Joey Savatgy, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki- 361
  4. Austin Forkner, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki- 331
5. Jeremy Martin,Yamaha- 321
6. Aaron Plesssinger, Yamaha- 313
7. Zach Osbourne, Husqvarna- 296
  8. Adam Cianciarulo, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki- 235
9. Mitchel Oldenburg, KTM- 215
10. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki- 213
30. Chris Alldredge, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki-19

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Finishes In The Top 10

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Finishes In The Top 10

Corona, Calif. (April 18, 2016) –  The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team arrived at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis looking to advance in the Eastern Regional 250SX Championship point standings. Wasting no time,Tyler Bowers and Gannon Audette quickly set the tone for the day during qualifying. Tyler logged the fastest lap in early morning qualifying and both riders found themselves advancing to the Main Event. The evening would end with Gannon finishing in 5th and Tyler in 9th.

Bowers Stays Hungry
Finishing qualifying with the fastest lap time, Tyler Bowers quickly advanced to the evening’s Main Event. In the final race, a collision with another rider would set him back a few positions. Tyler finished his night in 9th place and remains in 5th in the point standings.

“My weekend started pretty good,” said Bowers. Early in the day I was in the top three, my Kawasaki felt really good, and I sorted out a few minor issues in my heat. The big pileup in the first turn of the main completely stopped me and straight off I knew I had my work cut out for me. I put my head down and started clicking off passes. Unfortunately the hard push at the beginning of the race gave me arm pump towards the end and I wasn’t able to finish where I feel I belong. Time to put it behind us and look towards next weekend.”

Audette Stays Focused 

In the St. Louis Main Event, Gannon Audette nearly took the holeshot aboard his KX250F. Continuing to rely on his speed, he pushed himself throughout the entire night to remain at the front of the pack. After falling behind due to an entanglement with another rider, he quickly began climbing his way back to the top. Finishing strong, Gannon Audette placed 5th in the Main and now resides in 6th in the point standings.

“It was another good weekend. We made progress in practice and went into the night show eighth fastest. Learned a bit more in my heat where I finished fourth. In the main I had another great start in second until a rider passed me and then almost immediately stalled in my line. While avoiding him I caught a tough block and ended up with a minor tip over. From there I just tried to put my laps together and came home with a fifth. Overall I feel it was a good weekend, not quite the podium I wanted but it’s hard to complain about a top five. I’d like to give a special thanks to the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team for this incredible opportunity, I’m really looking forward to Foxboro next weekend.”

Eastern Regional 250SX Class Results From St. Louis Round 6

1. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha- 25
2. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 22
3. Shane Mcelrath, KTM- 20
4. Rj Hampshire, Honda- 18
5. Gannon Audette, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 16
6. Anthony Rodriguez, Kawasaki-15
7. Alexander Frye, KTM- 14
8. Malcolm Stewart, Honda- 13
9. Tyler Bowers, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 12
10. Paul Coates, Honda- 11

Eastern Regional 250SX Championship Point Standings

1. Malcolm Stewart, Honda- 115
2. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 114
3. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha- 99
4. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 83
5. Tyler Bowers, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki-  78
6.  Gannon Audette, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki-   77
7. R.J. Hampshire, Honda- 77
8. Shane Mcelrath, KTM- 73
9. Justin Hill, KTM-63
10. Matt Bisceglia, Suzuki- 58
18. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 29

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team Returns to the Podium

Corona, Calif. (April 11, 2016) – On Saturday, the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team returned to battle at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  Tyler Bowers and Gannon Audette kicked things off early in the qualifying rounds. Both riders earned their position into the 250 Main Event, with Tyler finishing in 3rd and Gannon in 7th. In the 250 Main Event, Gannon earned his first podium of his career.

New Opportunities For Audette  
Gannon Audette, the newest member of the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team, found himself on the podium at Indianapolis. Aboard his Kawasaki KX250F, Gannon came out of the gate strong and grabbed the holeshot. Maintaining his speed and consistency throughout the race, he would find himself on the podium at the end of the night for the first time in his professional career and aims to return on the box in St. Louis.

“Today was awesome. The track was really fun tonight and I finished seventh in my Heat Race. I ended up starting pretty far outside of the gate but my Kawasaki hooked up great and I ended up getting the holeshot. I put in 15 solid laps and ended up with a podium. It was an awesome weekend.”

Bowers Keeps Fighting 
At this weekend’s race, Tyler Bowers continued to rise in the Eastern 250SX point standings. Momentum from early qualifying victories gave Tyler the push he needed entering into the second heat race. Riding aggressively throughout the race, he would finish the heat in 3rd and continue his momentum into the Main Event. In the Main, Tyler continuously rode strong as he climbed his way to the front of the pack. Finishing the night in 8th place, Tyler Bowers was able to grab valuable championship points in Indianapolis.

“Indy is always a technical track where you have to accept the deep ruts. My heat race went great with a third place finish and I was looking forward to the main event. Unfortunately, I spun off the gate and came around Turn 1 near the back of the pack. I put my head down and began making passes and came home with an eighth place. I’m Looking forward on improving next week.”

Eastern Regional 250SX Class Results From Indianapolis Round 5
1. Aaron Plessinger , Yamaha-  25
2. Malcolm Stewart, Honda- 22
3. Gannon Audette , Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 20
4. Shane Mcelrath, KTM- 18
5. Martin Davalos ,Husqvarna- 16
6. R.J. Hampshire , Honda- 15
7. Anthony Rodriguez, Kawasaki- 14
8. Tyler Bowers, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 13
9. Luke Renzland, Yamaha- 12
10. Cedric Soubeyras, Kawasaki- 11

Eastern Regional 250SX Championship Point Standings
1. Malcolm Stewart, Honda- 102
2. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha- 92
3. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna- 77
4. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha- 74
5. Tyler Bowers, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki-  66
6. Justin Hill ,KTM- 63
7.  Gannon Audette, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki-   61
8. R.J. Hampshire, Honda- 59
9. Shane Mcelrath, KTM- 53
10. Matt Bisceglia, Suzuki- 49
17. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/ Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki- 29

Tyler Bowers Takes 4th In Detroit

Corona, Calif. (March 21, 2016) – The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team came out absolutely dialed in and ready to take over Detroit. Tyler Bowers would take yet another heat win for the season and Arnaud Tonus would advance onto the main as well, finishing close behind in Heat 1. At the drop of the main event gate, Bowers would get tangled up with another rider, while Tonus led the pack in the #1 spot for the first few laps, until a mistake in the whoops section would cause him to end his weekend early. Meanwhile, Bowers had been weaving through the competition in efforts to recover and salvage some points. After passing 17 riders he would cross the checkered flag in an incredible season best, 4th place finish.

Tyler Kicks It Up A Notch In Detroit
Tyler Bowers came out determined for redemption after last weekend’s results, taking yet another Heat win for the season. In the main event, Bowers would go down at the turn of lap 1, but would jump back on his KX250F and weave through the competition to pass about 17 riders and finish with a season best of 4th place. Tyler Bowers currently stands in 6th for the Eastern Point Standings and well go to work during this break and come back fueled and more than ready to take over the rest of the season!

“My day in Detroit was pretty good, my Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki worked really well straight off,  I won my second Heat Race this year, which is another step forward for me. Unfortunately I was tied up with another rider in Turn 1, but was able to charge through, ride my race and keep on my lines. I’m really happy with my fourth place finish and I’m looking forward to coming back from the break!”

Tonus Eager For Redemption
Arnaud Tonus had his eyes set on redemption and victory this weekend in Detroit, taking his heat race by storm with his fellow teammate; advancing into the main. At the start of main event, Tonus came out leading the pack for the first few laps, until a mistake in the whoops caused a crash, injuring his shoulder. Further details to come.

Eastern Regional 250SX Class Results From Toronto Round 3

1. Malcolm Stewart, Honda – 80
2. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha – 67
3. Shane Mcelrath, KTM – 35
4. Tyler Bowers, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki – 53
5. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna – 61
6. Gannon Audette, Kawasaki – 41
7. RJ Hampshire, Honda – 44
8. Paul Coates, Honda – 29
9. Cedric Soubeyras, Kawasaki – 29
10. Jesse Wentland, Honda – 41
21. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki – 29

Eastern Regional 250SX Championship Point Standings

1. Malcolm Stewart, Honda – 80
2. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha – 73
3. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha – 67
4. Justin Hill, KTM – 63
5. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna – 61
6. Tyler Bowers, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki – 53
7. RJ Hampshire, Honda – 44
8. Matthew Bisceglia, Suzuki – 41
9. Gannon Audette, Kawasaki – 41
10. Jesse Wentland, Honda – 41
16. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki – 29

2016-011-SX Detroit

ME/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team Ready For Redemption In Round 4

Corona, Calif. (March 16, 2016) – The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team makes their way over to Ford Field Stadium in Detroit for Round 4 in the Eastern Regional 250SX Championship. Both Tyler Bowers and Arnaud Tonus have had to battle hard these last couple of weeks, but after working hard throughout this week in preparation for Detroit, they are eager for their shot at redemption and focused on landing podium victories.

Bowers Eager To Capitalize In Detroit
Tyler Bowers came into Toronto absolutely dialed in and determined to sweep Round 3, taking his first heat win of the season. Now at the drop of the gate in the main event, he was able to get in good position, advancing as far as the #2 spot until he made a costly mistake in the whoops section, pushing him back to finish 11th. Although Bowers is currently in 6th for the Point Standings, you can believe the fire in him is more than ready to ignite as he is ready for redemption and is looking to capitalize in Detroit and rounds to come.

Tonus Ready For A Podium
Arnaud Tonus had yet another much improved performance last weekend, qualifying directly into the main after his heat race. At the start of the main event, Tonus would get stuck within the giant jam up, pushing him to back, but would regain his momentum and aggressively move his way up to finish right ahead of his fellow teammate in 10th. Arnaud Tonus currently sits in 12th place for the Eastern Point Standings but he is determined to move up in that list, by executing what he’s practiced on and take Detroit by storm this Saturday.

Eastern Regional 250SX Championship Point Standings

1. Jeremy Martin, Yamaha – 65
2. Justin Hill, KTM – 63
3. Malcolm Stewart, Honda – 55
4. Martin Davalos, Husqvarna – 45
5. Aaron Plessinger, Yamaha – 45
6. Tyler Bowers, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki – 35
7. Matthew Bisceglia, Suzuki – 32
8. Benny Bloss, Yamaha – 32
9. Alexander Frye, KTM – 31
10. Jesse Wentland, Honda – 30
12. Arnaud Tonus, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki – 28