Brake Pads

ProX sintered brake pads are produced under a very strict sintering process. During this sintering process, metallic particles are fused by a combination of heat and pressure. Sintered brake pads in general have superior material properties, which very well resist high temperatures during heavy braking and offer greater durability over organic brake pads. The ProX sintered brake pads offer strong controllable brake power in combination with long life. The pads are designed to come as a softer compound front pad and a little harder compound pad for the rear pads. A complete range of sintered brake pads for MX, Dirt bikes, and ATVs is available from stock.

ProX Sintered Brake Pad features:

  • High resistance against high temperatures
  • Greater durability than organic brake pads
  • Super controllable brake power
  • Complete range of sintered brake pads for MX, Dirtbike, and ATV available from ready stock

Brake Discs

ProX Racing Parts offers a wide program of high quality dirt bike brake discs, manufactured from specially hardened premium quality Stainless Steel. The ProX brake disc line is the ideal high quality OEM replacement against favorable pricing. The specifically designed brake discs come with integrated venting slots to offer optimal cooling and cleaning of the brake pad contact surface. These features result in high performance and linear braking with very low brake pad wear. For best performance, we recommend using ProX Racing Parts brake pads with a matching pad compound. The ProX Racing Parts MX/Dirt Bike brake disc line is attractively priced and offers you the best value for money!

Brake Disc Features:

  • Hardened premium quality stainless steel
  • High quality OEM replacement against favorable pricing
  • Integrated venting slots
  • Cooling Edge Cut (CEC)

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